WADA Releases Requirements for Russia to Return to Compliance

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has released a significant document in the process of Russian Paralympic reinstatement as they released the “Roadmap to Compliance”.

Should the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) comply with all these requirements, they would be reinstated as a member of WADA. While that wouldn’t necessarily see Russia’s Paralympic Committee reinstated but it would go a long way to getting their status back.

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Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey wins 2017 IPC Paralympic Scientific Award

Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey (Photo: IPC)

On Tuesday the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced that Professor Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey has been awarded the 2017 IPC Paralympic Scientific Award, which she will receive at the VISTA Conference in September.

As a professor at Loughbrough University for almost 20 years, Goosey-Tolfrey has worked to find ways to apply sports science to Para athletes. She has been working for many years with the elite athletes including in 2008 when she lead a team of sports scientists and healthcare experts to ensure athletes were able to adapt to Beijing successfully.

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Russia Closer to Paralympic Games Reinstatement

Russia’s chances of competing in the 2018 Paralympic Games have been boosted after the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) announced progress had been made by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA).

WADA announced on Wednesday that they will allow RUSADA to conduct drug testing again, authorizing their Doping Control Officers to conduct those tests. These will be the first tests done by RUSADA since 2015, these tests will be done under the supervision of the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD).

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IPC Encouraged by Russian Progress

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has given press an update on the process of reinstatement of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) with the IPC saying they were ‘encouraged’ but there is still work to do, and announced on Monday that the suspension will be maintained.

The IPC set the criteria for the RPC reinstatement along-side the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and have stated that the RPC must not just meet these criteria once but continue to meet them. There are three overarching criteria that Russia must meet to receive reinstatement in to the IPC, these are seen below:

  1. The RPC is requirement to all the anti-doping codes applicable to an IPC member
  2. All relevant anti-doping agencies are able to carry out anti-doping activities in Russia in relation to Russian athletes without any external interference
  3. Participation in and support of personnel related to IPC events will not jeopardize the integrity of the competitions

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World Anti Doping Agency set terms for Russia

WADA Officials at meetings earlier in the year

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has held meetings on Thursday and made major decisions most notably one decision that impacts the Paralympics as they made decisions concerning Russia.

At the meetings throughout the day on Thursday WADA decided on the next steps for the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA). In addition to that decision they also approved a framework for an Investigations Policy.

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Four British Paralympians Named to Stoke Mandeville Hall of Fame

New Hall of Fame Members (Photo: IPC)

Four British legends of Paralympic sport have been inducted in to the Stoke Mandeville Hall of Fame, the home of the origins of the Paralympic Games.

Shooter Isabel Newstead, table tennis player Jane Blackburn, wheelchair tennis player Peter Norfolk, and wheelchair basketball player Simon Munn. Those who are included in the hall of fame are all legends of British para sport, which has to have a link to Stoke Mandeville and Paralympic sport charities.

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Canadian Paralympic Committee Elects new Board

The 2017-2021 Canadian Paralympic Committee Board (Photo: Canadian Paralympic Committee)

Canada has elected their new Paralympic Committee president as Marc-Andre Fabien won the election on Saturday at their annual general meeting.

Fabien is a senior partner at the law firm Fasken Martineau, where he has worked since 1982, which has led to his involvement in Paralympic Sport. Through his firm he has raised funds for the Canadian Paralympic Committee over 20 years and has served as a board member of the organization from 1998-2012, before joining again in 2015.

“The Canadian Paralympic Committee is at a turning point,” said Fabien, after his election before outlining his goals. “As an organization, CPC and its member sports need to work together even more closely to achieve the following goals: increase the recognition of Para sports, develop the grassroots level, bring and organize international Para sport events to Canada, and reduce dependence on Government funding through becoming closer to the business community.”

The previous president was Dr. Gaetan Tardif who was coming to the end of their four year term that included a very successful Games at Rio last year. The one thing that Fabien is hoping to build on is bringing events to Canada with Tardif unable to get as many events as the Canadian Paralympic Committee would like.

At the annual general meeting the Canadian Paralympic Committee elected the rest of their board, with Gail Hammamoto elected the vice president. Hammamoto is currently the Executive Director of BC Wheelchair Sports Association, having moved to that position from being the Director of Sport Development from 1998-2012. Hammomoto has been on the board since 2009 and been serving in para sport for the past 25 years.

There were also three new board members as Robert Fenton, Tyler Mosher, and Dr. Lindsay Bradley are all added to the board. Fenton has been serving as a lawyer for the Calgary Police Service over the past 16 years and is President of the Canadian Blind Sports Association. Mosher is a two time Paralypian and World Champion having been involved in the foundation of Snowboard as a Paralympic sport. Bradley is a sport medicine physician at the Carleton University Sport Medicine Clinic in Ottawa, and has served in a number of medical roles at international para sport events in Canada.