WADA Releases Requirements for Russia to Return to Compliance

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has released a significant document in the process of Russian Paralympic reinstatement as they released the “Roadmap to Compliance”.

Should the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) comply with all these requirements, they would be reinstated as a member of WADA. While that wouldn’t necessarily see Russia’s Paralympic Committee reinstated but it would go a long way to getting their status back.

Progress has already been made, as WADA listed 19 points of the plan that RUSADA has already complied with. Perhaps the biggest in that list is 18, which will see the Russian government cut off funding when sports don’t comply with RUSADA.

That means that RUSADA has achieved more than half of the requirements for reinstatement as they only have 12 more items to achieve compliance.

The first instruction is perhaps the biggest of the list as RUSADA is required to publicly accept the outcome of the Maclaren Report. There is no indication of that happening any time soon as the Russian Government has routinely criticized the report.

Amongst the requirements is to appoint almost a whole new board as they need a new Director General and Theraputic Use Exemption Committee. The process in that selection must be transparent and overseen by an international committee.

There are a handful of requirements around recruiting and training of staff in RUSADA, strengthening the squad. Funding is also a big concern, that they will pay those international auditors, and have financial autonomy from the government.

The final two requirements surround auditing, the first is that WADA must conduct an audit of RUSADA, the current plan is to do this in September. The last one is that WADA must conduct a second audit within four months of compliance. All this shows that Russia is well on the way to compliance but it seems unlikely that some of those demands will be adhered to.


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