2017 European Blind Football Championship Announces Ambitious Broadcast Plans

The Blind Football European Championships will have the biggest broadcast in tournament history as announcers revealed their broadcastplans on Tuesday.

Getting under way on Friday August 18th the tournament will have the biggest broadcast in Blind Football history. This follows on from the live streaming of featured matches from the mostrecent European Championships, and takes it one step further.

Every match in the tournament will be streamed live, andwill have two options for streaming with audiodescription available. One stream will be in English and one in German, the only exception to the streaming is a geoblock of the opening match, which is due to an historic television broadcastin Germany leading to that match being geoblocked in Germany only.

It will be a phenomenal production for the tournament, the biggest in tournament history as they have multiple cameras. There will be a minimum of five cameras to bring a true European Championship experienceto fans worldwide.

On top of that the matches will be followed up by reaction from both players and coaches, as the team will grab interviews. There will be exclusive on-pitch interviews and footage from the mixed zone media scrums included as part of the broadcast feed.

Obviously as a sport for the vision impaired the broadcast will accommodate those who are not able to see the stream. That is what the audiodescription service on both streams is about, describing all the action indetail for those unable to see it, a skill that requires the best of commentators.

The tournament gets under way on Friday August 18th before the final is played the following Saturday August 26th, along with the bronze medal match.


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