Wheelchair Fencing Featured at Fencing World Championship

IWAS & FIE Fencing representatives (Photo: IWAS)

Wheelchair Fencing has been demonstrated at the FIE Fencing World Championships in Leipzig, Germany on Wednesday.

Members of the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) Fencing Executive Committee were on hand at the FIE event to introduce stakeholders to the wheelchair version of their sport.

That saw a number of fans and competitors come to see Wheelchair Fencing, many for the first time as the organizers sought to involve the IWAS. That saw the organizers include some exhibition wheelchair fencing bouts.

With the bronze medallists in the recent youth world championships both coming from Germany, those two featured in a number of exhibition bouts. Maurice Schmidt was there as the Under 23s representative and Julius Haupt represented the Under 17s.

Some of the best fencers in the world came to witness their wheelchair counterparts compete on the biggest stage, some even attempting to compete against the wheelchair champions, testing their skills.

Aron Szilagyi (HUN – Olympic Champion Rio 2016), Inna Deriglazova (RUS – Olympic Champion 2016 and World Champion 2017), Yuki Ota (JPN – World Champion 2015), Yana Egoryan (RUS – Olympic Champion 2016 individual & team) and Claudia Bokel (GER – 2001 World Champion Epee, 2006 European Champion Epee), all participated in the exhibitions, delighting everyone.

It is the first time that wheelchair fencing has been featured at the fencing world championships, which should help give the wheelchair version of the sport more exposure to the biggest fans of the sport, and potentially lead to more taking up the sport in Germany.


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