Two Nations Join Boccia Federation

Graphic: BISFed

Two new national federations have joined the Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) as Georgia and Iceland have joined the world governing body.

Boccia has been a growing sport, one of the fastest in the Paralympic movement, with 13 new members joining since 2015. It increases the presence in Europe, with Iceland especially impressive given its remoteness.

Georgia has been competing in Boccia events for a while, competing especially in Poland, who has sought to bring Georgia in to the fold. Poland’s efforts have been instrumental in helping start the Georgian Boccia Federation.

The Georgian Boccia Federation was founded in 2015 and has since held events throughout the country, and created national teams. They have also staged events at cultural festivals to expand the sport in Georgia.

In Iceland Boccia has also been growing rapidly as they continue to develop the sport in the small country. What has seen the sport grow rapidly has been a number of sporting clubs taking up Boccia as part of their sports with a number having weekly games.

Boccia has been played in Iceland since 1994 when the first national championships were held in Reykjavik. With that in mind it is has been surprising that it has taken so long for Iceland to join BISFed.

The addition of the two nations brings BISFed’s total membership to 62 national federations, although some of those are affiliate members. BISFed also has two countries, Russia, and Spain, with two member federations, one an affiliate member. The sport continues to grow, with Scotland currently an affiliate member, no doubt one day hoping to become a full member.


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