European Wheelchair Basketball Championships hit Quarter Finals

Netherlands v Israel (Photo: IWBF Europe)

The European Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Tenerife, Spain, hit the quarterfinal stage, with one team suffering relegation, on Tuesday.

Facing relegation to the second division, Lithuania played their best players for almost the entire game, running the same five for 39:39, only 20 seconds with a substitute due to being fouled out. France had more depth and that proved enough to take them to the win, and ultimately kept them in Division A as they won 68-62.

The match between Switzerland and Sweden was just as thrilling with the first two quarters seeing the teams only split by just one point. But in the second half Switzerland really took over, starting to make incremental gains throughout the half, seeing Switzerland push out to a 61-56 win.

Turkey managed a tight win over Italy to advance through to the next stage through another pheonanl match in a fantastic day of play. Italy shot out quickly, managing a 16-10 lead at the end of the first quarter but in the third quarter Turkey cut the deficit to half time and in the third Turkey took the lead. With 2:30 to play Italy got back on level terms, Turkey hit a trey before Italy took a shot in the last two seconds, falling just short, to give Turkey a 66-63 win.

The Netherlands had no such troubles in their quarter final as they made like work of the Israeli side, as they cruised to a 63-49. Israel started brightly but they couldn’t get a strong enough shot percentage which saw the Dutch take advantage as they managed a big win to cap the day.


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