IPC has Successful Progress Meeting with Tokyo 2020 Organizers

Xavier Gonzalez at the meetings (Photo: IPC)

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has completed a review of Tokyo 2020 preparations, meeting with local organizers in Tokyo on Wednesday and Thursday and announced that they are pleased with preparations.

Meetings with the Organizing Committee, the local government, and the Japanese Paralympic Committee updated the IPC on what is happening with 2020 preparations. Following those meetings the IPC declared themselves pleased with preparations.

What especially impressed the IPC was the level of engagement from all stakeholders, including the public as people seem aware of the Games. Instead of just marketing the Olympic Games, tourists in Tokyo can find Paralympic branded merchandise as well.

“During our short time here we have been captivated at the visibility of the Paralympic brand around the city and on licensed merchandise. The level of interest and awareness in the Games is like nothing we have experienced with three years still to go.” Said IPC CEO Xavier Gonzalez after the meetings.

The purpose of the visit was to complete the third Tokyo 2020 review, and almost all the signs back were positive. There was one worrying sign as the IPC mentioned they remain concerned by the issue of accessibility in the city.

“We want accessibility to be a fundamental part of the design process for all the new venues built for the Games. As for existing venues, we hope that accessibility is not compromised and that all these facilities are brought up to speed with the requirements for hosting Paralympic sport.” Said Gonzalez.

The next meeting with Tokyo 2020 will take place in October and the IPC set two significant goals for the Tokyo organizers. The first is to make progress planning the test events which should be started by 2019 and create a Paralympic Games specific budget.

There was one big symbolic gesture at the end of the meetings as the IPC donated several old mobile phones to the organizing committee who are collecting old electronics to use the metals to make Olympic and Paralympic medals.


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