Canada Claims World Para Ice Hockey Championship

Canada win
Canadian players celebrate their win (Photo: World Para Ice Hockey)

For the first time in four world championships the United States has not won the World Para Ice Hockey Championship as Canada managed a memorable 4-1 win to claim gold over their North American rivals.

Tyler McGregor continued his run of form and finished the tournament with 12 goals, after adding two more goals in the championship game. That gave Canada their first World Championship since 2013 and made it a record four world titles for the Canadians.

The first period was a physical and quick game in the first half with Brody Roybal proving a strong physical presence for the Americans. With just three minutes left in the first period Canada was able to break through for the opener. Brad Bowen surged from defense and hit a shot so powerful that the American goalie, Steve Cash was only able to get a slight glove on, not enough to stop the puck from hitting the back of the net.

Less than one minute later Canada was able to double their lead as the youngster Liam Hickey was able to hit a powerful shot which left Cash with no chance.

In the second period McGregor was able to net his two goals which came just 17 seconds apart from each other. Some nice puck movement created the space for McGregor to score his first goal before Greg Westlake set up McGregor for his second, and Canada’s fourth, all but winning the Canadians their world title.

It was a strong performance from the Canadian defense which helped give them the win as they weren’t broken down until there was less than three minutes left. The goal only came as a power play allowed enough space for Nikko Landeros to net a goal, but it was all done as Canada claimed the 4-1 win.


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