Russian Paralympic Committee Suspension Confirmed by Swiss Court

Photo: RPC

The Swiss Federal Tribunal has rejected Russia’s appeal against their International Paralympic Committee (IPC) ban and as such the ban is upheld and the IPC finds their decision vindicated.

At the Swiss Federal Tribunal the ruling could only consider the outcome of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) finding that the IPC followed their procedures. All the Swiss court could rule on was then whether the CAS followed their procedures.

In this case that means that the Tribunal did not have to analyse if the individual rights of Para athletes were impinged as Russia was claiming. Those are claims that Russia has made in many hearings, in many lawsuits and each time the IPC has won the case.

Russia’s argument has often entailed that the IPC is behaving in a discriminatory way against Para athletes. The IPCs argument, which has won the day, has been that the disadvantages Russian athletes have is a natural consequence of the Russian Paralympic Committee being suspended from the IPC and not because they are Para athletes.

With that point in mind Russia argued to the tribunal that the IPC was behaving discriminatorily as their Olympic athletes had not been suspended compared to Paralympic athletes who were disqualified. The tribunal found that this is not a discriminatory practice as the IPC and the International Olympic Committee are two separate organizations and therefore have different rules surrounding membership.

“The IPC is satisfied that its decision to suspend the RPC has been confirmed.” Said the IPC in a statement, while it is clear that the IPC considers the issue solved but surely Russia will keep trying to find another way to take the IPC to court until they are reinstated but at this point they would seem to be out of options.


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