Russian Deputy Prime Minister Calls IPC Dishonest

Vitaly Mutko (Photo: Creative Commons)

Russian politicians have continued their attacks on the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko had strong words for the President of the IPC, Sir Philip Craven on Saturday.

Since the IPC banned Russian athletes from competing at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games the relationship between the Russian government and the IPC has been frosty at best. That has led to plenty of barbs being thrown at the IPC by the Russian government and so far the IPC is yet to take the bait.

In an interview with R-Sport (the Russian state sports agency) Mutko said that Craven is “someone who’s completely dishonest on these issues.” Continuing a common theme for the Russian government that they have somehow been deceived by the IPC following the Richard McLaren doping report that damaged Russia.

The Russian National Paralympic Committee was banned from all IPC activities following the release of the McLaren Report. Since then the IPC has submitted requirements to Russia in order to get reinstated to the organization with no indications of how that is progressing.

Mutko went on to say that he felt that the IPC had not adequately explained why Russia should be banned from the IPC, who stated the reason for the ban was due to the failure of the Russian Paralympic Committee to meet their commitments to their athletes and protecting them.

Despite all the public mudslinging Russia is doing towards the IPC, negotiations are underway to see how Russia can be reinstated to the IPC fold. Time is running out though, they will only have until December to verify they can meet the standards or they will also be barred from participating in PeyongChang 2018.


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