Australian Paralympic Committee Links with Optus to Create Technology Prize

Athletes at the Optus announcement (Photo: APC)

Major sponsor of the Australian Paralympic Committee, Optus, has created a challenge that they hope will help boost Australia’s chances in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with the Think Big Challenge.

Optus as a ‘Think Big’ working team within their company that builds their culture and solves issues within the organization. Setting up this challenge marks the first time the working team has set about solving something outside the organization.

The challenge will see the team look at developing some type of technological solution to the issues surrounding limited funding an access to coaching for Australia’s Paralympians. The hope is that by doing this they will give the Australian team an edge at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

This challenge will see Optus give $50,000 to the winning idea which the APC is hoping will make it viable in time for Tokyo 2020. Australia are looking to have more medal success going forward and should this prove successful it would be a significant edge for the Australians.

“We’ve been working on business problems over the last 12 months, but we really wanted to come up with an opportunity to get everyone involved and excited, and the Australian Paralympic Committee is something that everyone at Optus wants to contribute to,” said Think Big Director, John Chan, in a release.

Technology has been a key part of the APC for many years and this will continue that, as the APC Skill Acquisition Specialist Ross Pinder outlined. “The ultimate goal is that we want to win more medals in Tokyo but to get there means connecting our people better, connecting our athletes and coaches better, and allowing them to train or better connect or develop relationships, than we do now, to have our performance services team access daily training environments, with the challenges we face will be huge for skill acquisition in sport.”

In a new financial reality, with so many Paralympic committees struggling for finances this partnership with a private business could be the trend for funding in the future. For Australia, jumping on this model early and using it on technology could give them a big edge in the coming Paralympic Games should the program be successful.


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