Visually Impaired Shooting to Continue Development with Another Event

There may well be a new discipline in shooting for Paralympians as the development of visually impaired shooting continues, World Para Shooting announced the continued development of the sport on Monday.

The next step in development for the sport will be an international meet in September in Innsbruck to bring things forward for the sport. The event is being run by the Austrian Association for Handicap Sports (OBSV) and will be held from the 12th to the 17th of September.

This will be the second event for visually impaired shooters with the last taking place in Stoke Mandeville in January 2015. There are 50-80 shooters from 20 countries expected to come to the event which is being used to finalize the rules and classification for visually impaired shooting.

At Stoke Mandeville the first steps were made to determine classification and so the event in Innsbruck will take that classification system one step further. The focus in Innsbruck will be to shift to solidifying the rules and regulations around the sport while also adding more clarity to the classification system.

There will be two events contested in the event, the 2. Alpine Cup, with two 10m air rifle events, standing and prone. There will be a qualifying and a final held in both events allowing athletes a minimum of 40 shots through the event.

Obviously visual impairment creates a significant challenge to a sport like shooting and the way athletes compete is by using an audio signal that raises in pitch when the point of aim gets closer to the target. September will be a big month for visually impaired shooting as there will be world cup events in shotgun and trap in Italy to continue development of the sport.

Image: World Shooting Para Sport


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