Russia Continues Disputing IPC and WADA

The Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) has claimed some success in their fight against their doping ban as on Wednesday the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced retesting and the results of positive tests from the 2014 Paralympic Games.

The IPC announced that in the retest of 21 doping samples from seven athletes, of those flaws were found in 18. That sounds like good news but it is actually bad news for Russia as the IPC is not saying that the tests were flawed but rather the samples were flawed, expressing that there were signs of the samples being tampered with. This echoes what Richard McLaren said in his report on Russia to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

That would leave only three samples, but those samples were not cleared either, as those three were deemed unfit for examination. The RPC has since demanded to know the names of the seven athletes involved with these samples tested as they were never given the names of those athletes.

In this announcement there is no good news for Russia as they have not cleared any athlete and have shown no movement to clear their organization from the doping. There has not been any explanation from the RPC as to why these samples appear tampered with.

Time is running out for Russia to prove that they have cleaned up their practices to the satisfaction of the IPC. They only have until February, less than a year away, to prove that they have met the criteria for the ban to be removed in time for athletes to compete in PyeongChang next year.


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