South Korea Starts World Wheelchair Curling Championships With Win

South Korean Skip,Hui-Tae Yang (Photo: World Curling Federation)

The first of a series Paralympic Test Events in PeyongChang got under way on Monday as the World Wheelchair Curling Championships got off to a perfect start, with the home fans leaving happy as they managed a win.

It was a special day in Korea Republic as they celebrated their third Paralympic Day an annual celebration of para sport. They celebrated that day in the best possible fashion, managing an 8-4 victory over the United States. The win came from a dramatic turnaround by the hosts who were behind after a terrible first end saw them give the United States three stones. But that spurred the crowd on, getting them in to the draw. The chance came in the seventh end after a mistake from American Skip Stephan Emt left the house open for Korea Republic to take a 5-4 lead before a hit in tight space gave Korea three for the 8-4 win.

Despite being suspended from the Paralympic Games, Russia managed a win on the first evening of play as they defeated Norway 7-3. The first six ends saw the sides trade singles before Russia managed two in the seventh. In the eighth end, needing two Norway failed to take out two, allowing Russia a two point steal.

Finland managed a phenomenally tight win, one of the closest of the day as they won on the very last stone of the last end. With the draw tied at five coming in, Finland managed to score with a final freeze on the last stone to take a 6-5 victory.

Scotland celebrated their return to the top division with a win over China to boost their chances of avoiding relegation. It was a tight match but a steal from the Scots in the eighth end proved the difference as they claimed a 5-3 win to move in to the upper half of the standings.


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