World Champions Keep Up Form in Para Snowboard World Cup

World Champions have continued their strong para snowboard form as they were able to secure wins in the World Cup event on Wednesday. The snowboard cross got underway at La Molina, Spain after a one day delay due to weather.

After winning the world championship in Canada a week earlier Finnish rider Matti Suur-Hamari claimed his first world cup points of the season. Suur claimed the win in the big final after shooting out ahead while Briton Owen Pick managed his first world cup medal as he finished in second with American Keith Gabel in third in the men’s SB-LL2.

In the women’s race Dutch rider Lisa Bunschoten significantly boosted her world cup chances as she was able to win a tight race. Just behind in second was Spaniard Astrid Fina Paredes for her first world cup podium while Bunschoten’s team mate Renske van Beeke finished in third.

Dutch victories continued in the men’s SB-LL1 as Chris Vos continued his good form, winning the final just like at the world championship. Austrian Reinhold Schett finished in second with American Mark Mann in third, mirroring the World Championship results. In the women’s event, the race was easily claimed by Cecile Hernandez-Cervellon.

American Mike Minor also backed up his SB-UL world championship win by a La Molina win as he was able to get past Italian Manuel Pozzerle, who secured his first points of the season. In third place was Frenchman Maxime Montaggioni. The women’s race was another easy win as American Peggy Martin concluded a strong day for the United States by winning that race.


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