Wheelchair Tennis World Team Cup Schedule Announced

Great Britain celebrate winning in 2016 (Photo: ITF)

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has announced their schedule for the World Team Cup, which is the premier wheelchair tennis team competition. The World Team Cup is the wheelchair tennis equivalent to the Davis Cup and Fed Cup which are also run by the ITF.

The final week will be held on the first week of May as Italy hosts the event for the third time after hosting in 2002 and 2008. This year the event will be in Sardinia with Baia de Conte and Alghero Tennis Club acting as the venues.

This season will be the 31st season of the World Team Cup and the competition has been increasing in numbers over years. In 2017 the men’s event will feature 16 teams, the women’s 12 and eight each in the quads and juniors at the finals in Italy.

In 2017 there are four places in both the men’s and the women’s events up for grabs in the final tournament in Italy. Those four places will be decided through regional qualifying with each region hosting qualifying tournament and the winner advancing to the final in Italy.

A total of 80 teams will compete in the 2017 World Team Cup, coming from 40 different countries across the four continental zones. With the men having two additional teams, the men’s finals has had the addition of two wildcard teams that will go straight to the World Group.

Everything will get under way February 16th with the African qualification in Kenya before moving to Asia and Sri Lanka one week later. The two larger, and more competitive continents have their qualifiers in March with Ecuador hosting the Americas qualification and Portugal hosting the European qualification. It all culminates in Italy in May with a team crowned World Team Champions.


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