Iran Host Three Winter Events to Open 2017

Photo: NPC Iran

History is being made in Iran as they look to the upcoming Winter Paralympic Games with the next two Games being held in Asia. Starting Tuesday Iran will host a series of winter sport events in an effort to boost their chances in upcoming winter Paralympic Games.

These events are the first time that Iran is hosting World Para Alpine and Snowboard events, and these events will feature 10 Iranian athletes. The events serve as the completion of a talent identification program in Iran and will allow the Iranian Paralympic Committee to test their athletes at a global level.

First up will be a para snowboard event in Dizin, over two days before Alpine events take place over two weeks. The first alpine event will be in Darbandsar before moving back to Dizin in the second week of January.

Each event will be treated like a full world sanctioned event and will include classification along with education and training workshops. The ideas behind the workshops are to improve the quality of officials in Iran and send them to the Paralympics in the future too.

The Iranian Paralympic Committee is hopeful that this will finalize their talent identification search as they build for the upcoming winter games. With PeyongChang next year they may get athletes there but the main focus is on Beijing in 2022.

Two international classifiers will be present at the events in order to lend their expertise to the growth of Iranian winter sports. That will allow for the development of domestic classifiers and for the Iranian athletes to receive more classification opportunities.


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