Swedish Para Table Tennis Comes Under Swedish Table Tennis Federation

Swedish para table tennis player, Emil Andersson (Photo: Morten Olsen/ITTF)

After a phenomenally successful year for Swedish para table tennis, the Swedish Table Tennis Federation announced on Sunday that they would be taking administration of para Table Tennis. The decision comes after years of exploration and discussion and the decision intends to directly manage and give greater professionalism to Swedish para table tennis.

The decision is somewhat surprising as Sweden has been a strong force in para table tennis and this seems unneeded. But as of January 1st, the Swedish Table Tennis Association will take over management of para table tennis in Sweden.

Until now the sport has been run by the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet) but now will be run by its own sports federation. That has led to excitement by Swedish Table Tennis at the potential for the sport to become even stronger.

“Para table tennis is well developed from top to bottom, but it should be obvious that the best conditions for every sport is in its “home sports federation”. Therefore, it feels very promising that the para table tennis can be a pioneer in the work for sport inclusion.” said Margareta Israelsson, Para Sports Sweden manager in a press release.

By bringing para table tennis under the Swedish Table Tennis Federation, Sweden are now following the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) mandate. The ITTF has sought to bring para table tennis under the same umbrella as the national table tennis federation. Sweden has been working on making this happen since 2010, but now they have managed to finalize the formal process to bring all of Swedish table tennis under one umbrella.


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