Ukraine Dominate in Nordic Skiing in Finland

Oleksandra Kononova (Photo: Yakudza, Creative Commons License)

The Nordic skiing season continued in Vuokatti, Finland this weekend and on Monday a number of Biathletes winning their events. Wins to Germany, Ukraine and Norway highlighted the day with Ukraine being particularly dominant.

The first medal of the day was won by German Anja Wicker who won the women’s sitting individual biathlon, managing to be the only athlete in the event under one hour (58:21.2). In second was American Oksana Masters, two minutes back, while another minute back was Lisziya Hrafeya finished in third.

Youngster Taras Rad won the men’s sitting category for Ukraine, his first career win as he finished in a time of 52:58.1. That was helped by not missing a single shot, which allowed him to cruise to the win, two minutes ahead of German Martin Fleig and America’s Daniel Cnossen who finished another four minutes back.

After not managing a win in the first three events, Nils-Erik Ulset finally broke through for his first win of the season with a win in the men’s standing. His perfect shooting proved enough for the difference to beat Canadian Mark Arendz by four minutes.

Oleksandra Kononova continued to be unbeatable in the women’s standing as she led a Ukrainian 1-2-3 in the event. Kononova won in a time of 42:47.9 leading her team mates Liudmyla Liashenko (44:09.1) and Iuliia Batenkova (46:44.2) on to the podium.

Ukraine continued to win events, claiming a win in the men’s visually impaired with Iurii Utkin (guide, Rushan Perekhoda) winning with 45:54.9, one minute ahead of Belarusian Valii Shaptsiaboi (guide, D. Budlizovich) with Ukraine also finishing third with Anatolli Kovalevskyi (guide, Oleksandr Mukshyn).

On the women’s side Oksana Shyshkova (guide, Vitalii Kazakov) completed the strong results for Ukraine, winning in 42:37.2 after winning the sprint earlier in the weekend. Olga Prylutska (guide, Borys Babar) was three minutes back for a Ukrainian 1-2, with German Clara Klug (guide, Florian Grimm) finishing third.


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