Romania to Host IBSA European Qualifier

Romania will be hosting its first International Blind Football Federation (IBSA) international tournament in April. IBSA announced on Saturday that Bacau, Romania would be hosting the Blind Football European Qualifier and Division 2 Championships from April 1st to 9th.

The top two teams in the competition will advance to the European Championship in summer, which will be held in Berlin, Germany. Teams will be given all accommodation, hotels, meals and transport encouraging teams to join.

All European IBSA member countries who have not already qualified for the European Championship are eligible to enter. Those countries that are not eligible are Turkey, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium who are all already qualified.

The event will double as the European Division 2 Championship, this will be the first ever time that IBSA is hosting a Division 2 Championship. That decision reflects the growth of blind football in Europe and will expand the European Championships to 10 teams.

Currently there is no number set of the teams that are allowed to compete in the event, with IBSA suggesting that it is open to whatever number of teams apply. It remains to be seen how many teams that will be but IBSA has focused on growing the sport in European countries that do not have strongly established teams.

The event will be hosted by TNT Club Sport, which will be also providing the accommodation for the competing teams. The matches will be host at an all-new all-purpose sports centre making this the first major event at the venue in the north east of the country.


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