IPC Rebrands Ten Sports

The new logos (Source: International Paralympic Committee)

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) currently serves as the International Federation for ten sports and on Wednesday they announced a major change. Effective immediately all ten sports have had a rebranding, now labelled “world para” instead of “IPC” and have had logo changes.

The new logos really seek to clarify the difference between the para sports and their able-bodied equivalents. The new logos feature athletes with impairment in them to reflect the para sports nature of the sports.

With these new logos and new names, the IPC logo will now not be featured within the international federation logos. That means that the IPC logo will now be exclusively used with the Paralympic Games along with the word Paralympic.

Changes are taking effect immediately but it will take a full year before the changes are fully implemented. This is because the winter seasons are already under way so the world cup events for those sports will remain under the old branding with only the world championships receiving the new change.

Three sports, ice hockey, shooting and dance sport are facing significant changes due to the rebrand, changing sport names. Ice hockey will change from ice sledge hockey to just para ice hockey after requests from that sport’s community.

Shooting will face a unique change, in order to avoid confusion with parachuting the international federation will be called ‘world shooting para sport’. Dance sport involves a sport name change, moving from wheelchair dance sport, reflecting that athletes that are not wheelchair bound can participate and reflecting a hope to include standing athletes who wear prosthetic limbs.


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