IPC Raising Money to Fund Refugee Para Sport Program

The IPA team enters the Rio 2016 (Photo: International Paralympic Committee)

The International Paralympic Committee’s charitable arm, the Agitos Foundation launched an effort to target bringing para-sport to refugees on Monday. The Agitos Foundation is seeking 25,000 Euros for a new project.

A significant number of the refugees in the world have physical, sensory or intellectual impairment, prompting the Agitos Foundation to get involved. The UN Refugee Organization estimates that one in five Syrian refugees has some form of disability.

The fundraising effort began on Tuesday, as part of the international day of giving, with a link between Greece, Serbia, and Cyprus. The aim of the program is to bring para sport to those in refugee camps or communities.

Raising money for refugees follows on from the successful implementation of a refugee team at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. This year, two athletes competed as part of the Independent Paralympic Athlete team, Ibrahim Al-Hussein and Shahrad Nasajpour.

These two athletes were phenomenally lucky to experience the power of sport to assist with recovery from such injuries. Both athletes spoke about the hope and recovery that sport gave them while in Rio and the hope of the Agitos foundation is to give this hope to others.

The funding will be used by the IPC to fund the International Paralympic Athlete (IPA) team going forward. With 25,000 Euros the team can begin a full identification and training process to get refugees introduced to para sport.

Should the Agitos foundation exceed their 25,000 Euro goal they will use any extra money to fund the IPA in to 2017. That will include sending an IPA team to the world para swimming and athletics championships.

Donations can be made using the generosity platform at this link.


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