Finland win World Wheelchair-B Curling Championships

Photo: World Curling Federation

The field for wheelchair curling for the 2018 Paralympic Games in PeyongChang has been set as the World Wheelchair-B Curling Championships concluded on Thursday. Finland and Scotland won through to PeyongChang in 2018 after Finland defeated Scotland in the final in Lohja.

It was a tight final, but Finland managed to get past Scotland 6-4 in a dramatic finish to claim the title. Despite the loss Scotland will go to PeyongChang in less than two years time with the honor of representing Great Britain.

With the scores tied at 4-4 after a topsy turvy match through six ends, keeping it tight heading in to the closing stages. In the seventh end Finland managed to pick up a point, giving Scotland the advantage heading in to the final end, but Finland won a point there too claiming the 6-4 win.

The result also qualifies the two teams for the world championships also to be held in PeyongChang but in 2017. That will see them compete against Russia, China, Norway, the USA, Canada, Slovakia, hosts South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden.

Those teams at the world championships will also be the teams competing at the Paralympic Games, which the world championships are being used as a test event for. One of those teams it will currently not be true for as Russia are currently not eligible for the Paralympic Games.

Despite not being eligible currently to compete in the Paralympic Games, Russia are eligible to compete in the world championships as they are not being run by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Only IPC events are subject to the Russian ban and as such Russia will make the trip to Korea.


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