Powerfliters Benefit From Charitable Donations

Photo: Kit us out

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Powerlifting division revealed on Wednesday the extent of assistance from the charity “kit us out” during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The charity allowed for funding of 16 lifting suits to be supplied to different athletes at the Games.

Those 16 athletes come from 13 different countries and will help their programs grow to increase the diversity at Powerlifting events. The intent of the program is to assist developing countries in the sport of powerlifting and to encourage that development.

The countries benefiting from the donations were Cuba, El Salvador, Ghana, Indonesia, Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya, Laos, Liberia, Mongolia, Namibia, Nicaragua, Philippines and Togo. A diverse group of developing nations throughout the world of powerlifting.

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games was the second event where such donations were issued in the past 12 months, following on from the European Open Championships in 2015. That is why no more European nations were given donations in Rio, as they’d already had an opportunity.

The donation program began in London four years ago, which was the first place athletes from various sports were provided with equipment. Following London the organization headed north and gave out equipment at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.

Events are already scheduled for the next two years to receive a donation, with 2017 seeing donations at the World Championships in Mexico City. 2018 sees three zonal championships take place that will receive donations, the Americas, European and Asian Championships, all receiving the donations to grow the sport.


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