IPC to give out Ice Sledge Hockey Supplies

The International Paralympic Committee Ice Sledge Hockey group has put a call out for countries who need supplies to receive donations from the IPC. IPC Ice Sledge Hockey has supplies available for developing (in terms of the sport) nations through the PyeongChang 2018 Actualizing the Dream program.

IPC Ice Sledge Hockey has already contacted the National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) and the various National Federations (NFs) of the sport informing them of the availability of the supplies. The items available are sledges, sticks and various kinds of protective equipment.

The intent of giving out these supplies is to grow Ice Sledge Hockey at the grass roots level in these countries that do not already have a strong environment for the support. This comes after a focus from the IPC of developing the sport at the highest level, now the focus is to develop at the grass roots level.

Each NPC and NF will need to outline their plans for development of the sport, including how they will use the equipment they are requesting. The focus needs to be on young people, and NPCs and NFs need to commit to holding come and try it events about the sport.

The Actualizing the Dream program is fulfilling the part of the PyeongChang 2018 Organizing Committee’s promise to the IPC. The Organizing Committee promised to support the development of winter Paralympic sports as part of their legacy and ice sledge hockey forms the sixth sport that has been benefited from this program.

NPCs or NFs will have until September 29th to submit their bids to IPC Ice Sledge Hockey and they can do so through email. That same email will allow each group to get the relevant documentation for their application process.


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