Afghani Javelin Thrower Suspended for Doping

An Afghani athlete has been suspended for four years from competing by the International Paralympic Committee. Naiem Durani received his suspension during the Games following failing a doping test at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games with the decision announced publicly on Monday.

The reaction in the test was for 19-Norandorosterone, which is an Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroid. That drug is prohibited both in and out of competition, with the test being considered out of competition as it took place before the Games.

The actual ban was issued to Durani on September 14th meaning he will be ineligible for competition until September 20th 2020. Durani competed in the javelin F44 and has had his result from that event disqualified and was immediately removed from the athletes’ village, having his credentials revoked upon receiving the ban.

At 42 years old that will surely be the end of Durani’s career as it’s unlikely to see the Afghani javelin thrower in Tokyo when he will be 46. It will be especially disappointing for the Afghanistan Paralympic Committee who had Durani as their only representative in Rio.

The change of Durani’s result, to disqualified, will not change the places of any other athlete as Durani was already in last place. Durani did manage to throw a personal best, of 26.51m and perhaps this test result shows why he managed his best ever throw.


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