Rio 2016 Preview: Wheelchair Basketball

Sport: Wheelchair Basketball

Events: Two (Men’s and Women’s)

Classification: Athletes are rated on their functional disabilities from 1-4.5 with 1 being the least and 4.5 being the highest. Each team can have a maximum point total of 14 on court at a time.

Venue:  Carioca Arena 1 and Rio Olympic Arena

Athlete Quota: 264 (22 teams)

International Federation: International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF)

Defending Champions: Men: Canada, Women: Germany


After being disappointed four years ago in London, Australia will look to do one better in Rio and win gold after winning silver in both events four years ago. The Rollers and the Gliders (as the two teams are known) have been improving and come in to the Games confident.

In the men’s tournament the Rollers will face stiff opposition up against the North American duo of Canada and the United States. Both teams have also played well in the last four years and Canada will come in determined to defend their gold medal.

In women’s basketball it’s all about Germany, who come in as the defending champions, and have managed to remain strong despite seeing a number of retirements through the last four years. It seems the gold in the women’s tournament will be between Germany or Australia, while USA will be keen to show their improvement after missing the podium in 2012.


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