Rio 2016 Preview: Swimming

Photo: DiveIn/WikimediaCommons

Sport: Swimming

Events: 152 (All mixed)

Classification: S1-10 – The more severe the impairment the lower the number

S11-13 – Visual Impairment, the more severe the impairment the lower the number

SB and SM suffixes exist, for breaststroke and medley events

Venue:  Olympic Aquatics Stadium

Athlete Quota: 600 (340 men, 260 women)

International Federation: International Paralympic Committee (IPC) – Swimming


Russia may not be considered a force in Paralympic swimming but their absence will be felt here, with 42 medals won in London. That will open the door for a number of countries, with Great Britain a likely beneficiary, having won 16 bronze medals, upgrading would seem likely.

Brazil also look set to gain, winning a disappointing 14 medals in London, the Brazilians have been targeting Rio as a chance to really rake in the medals. They will certainly have the support, and will look to use success here like China used 2008 to push on as a force.

The lead in the medal table would seem to be a two horse race between the regular favorites with China dominating in London. They were closely followed by Australia, who have strengthened and will look to top 20 gold in Rio, after winning 18 gold in London.


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