Rio 2016 Preview: Triathlon

Sport: Paratriathlon

Events: Six (Three men, Three women)


PT1 – Athletes with mobility impairment which means they cannot cycle or run. Athletes use a handcycle and racing wheelchair. (Men’s event only)

PT2 – Classification score of up to 454.9 points. Athletes used prosthetics or supportive devices

PT4 – Athletes have mobility impairments such as muscle power, limb deficiency and have a classification score from 495-557.0 points. Athletes may use prostheses or supportive devices

PT5 – Visually impaired athletes, must use a sighted guide of the same nationality and gender and a tandem bicycle. (Women’s event only)

Venue: Fort Copacabana

Athlete Quota: 60

International Federation: International Triathlon Union (ITU)


Rio 2016 marks the debut of Triathlon in the Paralympics with 60 athletes coming to Rio in an effort to make history. But we see two Paralympians making a follow up appearance as swimmers Lauren Steadman and Melissa Stockwell will be returning and taking part in the new sport and Steadman is the favorite for the PT4.

In the men’s PT4 will be hard fought with Martin Schulz (Germany), Stefan Daniel (Canada) and Yannick Bourseaux (France) all potential gold medalists. Bourseaux has won two world titles and twice been runner-up but Schulz has claimed three, including the 2016 title, while Daniel cuts their runs with his 2015 title, all three have won ITU events in 2016.

There will be a double-duty Paralympian in Jetze Plat who will be competing in triathlon and cycling in Rio, coming in as a world champion in triathlon and runner up in cycling. He will face a tight contest for gold in triathlon against Australia’s Bill Chaffey, who doesn’t have to worry about competing in anything else later in the Games.

The races will be tight, as the World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands showed, there are plenty in each classification that could win. The Men’s PT1, Women’s PT2 and PT4 are looking especially competitive and would be good events for people to watch.


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