Russian last ditch Appeal Fails

Photo: Jude Freeman/WikimediaCommons

Russia’s final avenue of appealing their IPC suspension has been denied as they were turned down by a Swiss Federal Court on Wednesday. This effort was Russia trying to reverse the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision earlier this month but it has been denied.

This appeal could only be about the CAS not following procedural grounds and not about any of the actual facts of the case. The federal court ruled that Russia had not demonstrated its ability to meet anti-doping regulations and the CAS had followed regulations.

There was a second appeal by Russia, looking to have individual athletes that can prove they are clean compete in the Paralympic Games. This was denied by the Swiss Federal Court as the individual athlete was not originally in the original appeal to the CAS.

The court said in a release “The Russian Paralympic Committee would have needed to demonstrate it had fulfilled its obligations in upholding… anti-doping protocols, and that its interests in an immediate lifting of its suspension outweigh the International Paralympics Committee’s interests in fighting doping and in the integrity of athletics. It did not succeed in this in any way,” in explaining their reason for denying the appeal.

Russia has been complaining about politics being the reason for denying the team entry and are combating that by making their own extraordinarily political move. Russia will host their own Paralympic event in Crimea, the portion of the Ukraine the Russian Government forcibly annexed which angered much of the rest of the world.

This all comes a day after Russia claimed they were banned from the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games, something the International Paralympic Committee has never even mentioned. “The IPC is currently in the process of developing the steps the Russian Paralympic Committee will need to take to meet its membership obligations.” Said IPC Spokesman Craig Spence to Paralympic Sport, regarding Russia in 2018. “By rule, the Russian Paralympic Committee’s suspension will be lifted immediately following the Governing Board’s determination that the member is once again able to meet its membership obligations in full.”



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