Rio 2016 Ticket Sales Skyrocket

Photo: Rio 2016

After several months of low ticket sales, Paralympic ticket demand has sky rocketed in the few days since the Olympic Games has finished. On Tuesday the local organizers sold 133,000 tickets their highest for a single day so far, creating three straight days of best sales.

There were less than 300,000 tickets sold before the weekend, but since then the organizers have sold over 300,000 more. 50,000 were sold on Sunday before the Olympic Closing ceremony before selling 100,000 more on Monday (a then record) before exceeding it on Tuesday with the 133,000.

The CEO of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Xavier Gonzalez said that he was encouraged with the sales. He said in a release “In the last 48 hours alone, we have almost doubled the number of tickets sold overall. It is fantastic to see the cariocas rallying around the Paralympics. Brazil winning Olympic gold in football and volleyball last weekend has given home fans a flavor of what they can expect at the Paralympics with the host nation targeting a top five finish in the medals table.”

Three of the popular sports line up with what Brazil were successful at in the Olympic Games in Athletics, 5-a-side-football and Sitting Volleyball. Two other popular sports are ones that have found support in Brazil in swimming and Wheelchair Basketball.

Despite the strong sales, there is still less than one quarter of tickets sold to the Paralympic Games, which has created lots of concern among Paralympic athletes and fans. That concern has led to a number of athletes starting a crowd funding campaign to fund tickets for locals in Rio after the mayor was barred from giving away tickets.



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