IPC Broadcast for Rio 2016 Revealed

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced their broadcast plans for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The Games will be streamed live on the IPC’s website using Daily Motion’s High Definition (HD) player.

Dailymotion is only behind YouTube in terms of video sharing services, with their website having the second highest traffic on a monthly basis. There are three billion video views a month and a number of news websites use Dailymotion to host their video content.

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will have 72 hours of streaming content every day on 15 different channels. The service will be streamed both on the IPC website and on the Dailymotion website, all with English commentary.

On the IPC website the coverage will be available in 240 countries, while Dailymotion’s site will be available in 190 countries. Dailymotion is strong in Asia, and that makes it a strategic decision from the IPC, with the next three Paralympic Games taking place in Asia.

13 sports will be steamed live, along with the opening and closing ceremonies, but some sports have missed out. The main exclusions are the two new sports, canoe and triathlon, which has left many fans disappointed, along with goalball, which is easy to televise, but requires silence, and therefore any commentary would have to be remote or in a soundproof booth.

The coverage will have more than just live coverage, it is expected there will be at least some coverage from the sports not covered live on the streaming services. There will be a news show every single day, along with a twice daily highlights show along with interviews and behind-the-scenes content airing on the channels. There will also be 700 hours of on demand coverage available for fans to view throughout the games.

Daily Highlights will air at 1600 and 2300 Brazilian time, with the 1600 show being a repeat of the previous night’s show. The two news shows will both air in the morning 0300 and 1000 every day local time with the coverage interspersed with athlete interviews.


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