Rio 2016 Preview: Archery

Gizem Girismen (TUR) and Zahra Nemati (IRI) compete in archery in London in 2012 (Photo: Steve Gregory/Wikimedia Commons)

Sport: Archery

Events: Nine (Three Male, Three Female, Three Mixed)

Classification: W1 (Leg impairment and use a wheelchair), Open (Leg impairment, or balance impairment, shoot standing or resting on a stool)

Venue: Sambadrome Marques de Spucai (Marcana Zone)

Athlete Quota: 140 (80 male, 60 female) – maximum of 13 per nation, total

International Federation: World Archery


One of two athletes competing in both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in Rio is Zahra Nemati who will compete in the W1 event in Rio and will be receiving a lot of attention from the media. Nemati is coming ranked in the 30s but this is a skewed statistic as she has largely been focusing on non-Paralympic events. Nemati comes in as the current world and Olympic champion in the individual recurve and helped her Iran team to bronze in both events in the team recurve.

The American team in men’s individual compound is looking like a real force, and should medal in both the open and W1 classifications. But the defending champion in the men’s open compound, Finnish archer Jere Forsberg is returning with an effort to defend his championship.

The men’s individual recurve has been thrown wide open in the open category with the absence of Russia. Russia swept that category in 2012, making this an interesting event in light of these games. For the W1 category the retirement of Oscar De Pellegrin opens up the door for a trio of Asian athletes to win the medals with Tseng Lung Hui of Chinese Taipei a likely candidate. The team event in the men’s recurve will also be fascinating, as Russia were the defending champions leading to South Korea and China taking over as the new favorites.

In the women’s side, for compound Great Britain will be hoping to continue on from success in their home games as Danielle Brown won gold followed by compatriot Mel Clarke. Recurve is largely dominated by Asia and could well see another Asian sweep in the team event, with Iran continuing to get stronger.

Russia’s absence will clearly be felt in archery and the stage is set for domination of the Asian nations who will fight for the medals in multiple categories.


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