New Zealand Launches Blind Football

Photo:  Victor Carter Photography

Blind Football has been launched in New Zealand after an event in Auckland earlier this month. Blind Sports New Zealand partnered with the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) to create a series of training and general events throughout the city.

The establishment of Blind Football in New Zealand marks the beginning of the sport’s push in Oceania. That was something that the IBSA Football Chair, Ulrich Pfisterer was very keen on when the opportunity came up to develop the sport throughout the whole region, using New Zealand as a starting base.

In a statement the head of Blind Sport New Zealand, Dan Shepherd was excited about the opportunity. “This is an exciting occasion for blind and low vision sport in New Zealand, because it represents the sport and recreation opportunities that are available for our community,” said Shepherd.

Blind Football is the five-a-side version of football, played at the Paraympics on a tennis court sized playing area. Brazil are the dominant force, having won every Paralympic medal and come to their home Paralympics as strong favourites, but in four years New Zealand will be hoping to join them.


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