Plans for Rio Mayor to Distribute Paralympic Tickets Barred

Eduardo Paes (Photo: Agencia Brasil/Wikimedia Commons)

The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, has continued to throw money behind the 2016 Paralympic Games, but his latest attempt has been blocked by the laws. Paes had planned to boost ticket sales by buying 500,000 himself but this move has been blocked.

The moves was blocked due to fears of electoral influence as the mayor planned to distribute the 500,000 tickets to the locals for free. But Brazilian election officials feared this would influence the vote unfairly and blocked the move, understandably.

That means it seems likely that the Paralympic venues will likely be less than one quarter full unless someone else comes forward. The move came a day after BRL 150 million in funding was released by a federal judge plugging most of the funding gap.

Estimates by the Rio organizing committee put the financial deficit facing the Paralympic Games at BRL 200 million. The remaining 50 million will be covered by several private companies as outlined on this site yesterday.

This should now allow the Rio Paralympics to go ahead fully, releasing the travel grants and ensuring that the experience for athletes is up to the expected standards. This will now turn the focus to the concerns of the slow ticket sales, but beating one issue increases confidence.

The organizing committee held a press conference on Thursday to discuss the Paralympic Games, and were trying to be positive about the sales. While admitting they wanted more sold, the committee spoke about increased sales during the Olympics, announcing they sold 9000 tickets on Wednesday.

Meanwhile the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will be holding their own press conference tomorrow about the situation. Things seem to be turning a corner, but there is still a lot of work to be done for a successful Paralympic Games.


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