Judge Releases Paralympic Funding

The Riocentro will host three Paralympic Sports (Photo: Agenciamd2/Wikimedia Commons)

A matter of concern for the Rio Paralympic Games seems to have been resolved as the organizing committee has gained approval to receive more funding. A judge has overturned an injunction against the games receiving any more money from government agencies on Thursday.

That allows Brazilian governments at every level to give money to the organizing committee. That allows the mayor of Rio to fulfill his obligation of promising to give BRL 100 million.

That will also allow the federal government to give funding to the organizing committee. That funding is slightly less than what the local government is pledging but it will still be much needed hefty contribution of over BRL 50 million.

This ruling, coupled with the funding from public companies yesterday, will now allow the organizers to pay those overdue travel grants. It will also allow the events to go fully ahead, assuming this money is actually paid, and is not subject to any corruption from the organizing committee.

But still of concern for the organizing committee is the slow ticket sales, which have shown no sign of increasing. Currently only 12% of tickets available have been sold leading to concerns of there being even more empty seats than at the Olympic Games.


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