Aleksei Lesnykh Banned for Four Years

After the entire Russian Paralympic Committee was suspended due to state sponsored doping, things have got even worse for one member of the team. Aleksei Lesnykh, has been suspended due to his own anti-doping violation in the build up to the Paralympic Games.

Lesnykh tested positive for two banned substances, Osyarine and LGD-4033 which are listed as other anabolic agents in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code for 2016. The test came after he won the shot put F37 at the IPC Athletics Grand Prix event in Dubai in March.

The substances used are banned both in and out of competition and landed Lesnykh the lengthy four year ban. Lesnykh has accepted his ban, and waived his right to a hearing meaning he will be ineligible for competition until 13 April 2020, potentially providing some slither of hope of a return in Tokyo.

There will be much speculation as to whether Lesnykh is one of the athletes mentioned in the McLaren report which spoke of 35 positive samples from Paralympians. The IPC has not revealed if Lesnykh was part of that, but given he is not contesting the sanction it seems probable that he is on that list.

Another boost to the possibility that Lesnykh is on the McLaren report list is the inclusion from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) of the rules of liability in anti-doping ruling in their statement about Lesnykh’s suspension. The IPC issued a reminder in the statement that athletes are always liable for when prohibited substances are found in their samples, whether they ingested that substance intentionally or otherwise.



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