Russia to file lawsuit against IPC

The Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) has acted swiftly and will be filing a lawsuit against the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to remove their ban ahead of the Parlaympics. That lawsuit will be filed with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) with the RPC suing the IPC.

While this would seem to be an escalation of the conflict from Russia, it is actually perfectly in line with the process. RPC President Vladimir Lukin says that the RPC is working with the IPC on the wording of the lawsuit in order to begin the proceedings as quickly as possible, something in the best interests of both parties.

The move to sue to the CAS follows the move of the Russian Olympic Committee who sued the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) denied Russian athletes entry to Athletics in Rio 2016. In that case that action did not succeed as Russians remained banned from Athletics in the Rio Olympic Games.

On this occasion Russia may feel they have a case as the governing bodies of both archery and equestrian have spoken up against the ban. Both sports released statements in the aftermath of the ban expressing their disappointment in the decision.

World Archery revealed on Monday that there are no Archers implicated in the investigation, expressing their disappointment at the banning of clean athletes. That sort of thing will no doubt be what the RPC will use in filing this lawsuit to try and get at least some athletes qualified.


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